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Since our founding in 2009 with the goal of "earning the ultimate trust from our customers," we have worked hard in Osaka, the city of trade, to become intimately familiar with our customers' needs and to deal strictly in items of true value.

Commitment to our customers and dedication to our products

Since ancient times, Japan has had a rich culture of hospitality.
The act of giving involved a deep respect for the feelings of the other person, presenting the best possible care and consideration toward the receiving party and giving gifts with feelings of true gratitude. It is from these traditions that the "furoshiki" wrapping cloth was born, evolving into the customs of incredible gift wrapping, customer service and other forms of hospitality that are so often admired by non-Japanese today. Perhaps it is this careful consideration for the end customer that helped give rise to the development of the high standards of production on which Japanese brands pride themselves. The creation of a superior product does not simply require hard work, but also an intangible element of sincere care for those who will use it.

With the goal of sharing real Japanese culture and tradition with people all over the world, our careful and sophisticated selection processes are designed to offer you an incredibly safe and high-quality product. By quickly and carefully responding to all kinds of requests from those who have used and liked our products, we are certain that we will be able to give you a real sense of the depth of the "Japanese heart," just like the depth of quality of our products, and we proudly work to earn your appreciation for the true value of Japan.


We would like to introduce various Japanese products, manufactured with spirit of Japanese warm hospitality to the people all over the world.

We recommend our items for your special, relaxing moment or for precious time with your important person.

Because we believe that it is important to care of “relationship between person and person”, we carefully dedicate on select items such as high-grade items for your special day or casual items for your daily use.

President & CEO Hideki Uda

Company NameConfront Co., Ltd
President & CEOHideki Uda
Date of EstablishmentJanuary 15,2009
Location1-8-23 Hanaten-higashi, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 538-0044 Japan